Drawing Workout 2024
Experimental Online drawing course

with Cristóbal Schmal

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Group A
︎8pm CET (Central European Time) via Zoom

Group B
︎4pm CET (Central European Time) via Zoom

About the course
Drawing as a primal, irrational impulse, endowed with a unique and unpredictable force, leads us to “observe” the world through an emotional and personal process where the biography of each one of us also comes out. In that sense drawing is not only our inner voice, but a chorus of voices and a connection to a natural and uncontrollable source.

During the course we will experiment with drawing and train our skills and creativity in a free and playful way, with the emphasis on the process that connects us with the here and now. A turning point to give free reign to the abstract, the absurd, the wild and to explore the possibilities of drawing as a personal language. We will draw a lot but above all we will have fun with new ideas, techniques and experiments that can open up new paths of expression.

Contents 2024

Part I: Human Body

(January, February, March)

– Abstraction, figure and symbols
– Faces
– Essence and Gesture
– Kinetic Body
– Lights, Shadows / Positive, Negative
– Masks

Part II: Nature

(April, May)

– Hybrid Creatures: Human/Animal
– Animal Typology
– Botany
– Landscape
– Imaginary Cosmos
– Sacred Places

Part III: Sound and Vision

(September, October)

– Dreams
– Awareness and Point of view
– Music and Sound patterns
– Improvisation

Part IV: Storytelling

(November, December)

– 4 Act Structure
– Illusion and Memories
– Mirror Image
– Abstract Narrative

How it works?
The weekly live sessions are divided in 3 parts: Feedback from the previous exercise, presentation of the topic (inspiration and a bit of theory) and presentation of the exercise. The sessions last between 1,30 and 2 hours.  
Exercises should be completed during the week and uploaded before Wednesday morning to a Slack group channel for review the following session.

︎Live sessions are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Sketchbook, Graphite Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B), Brushes, Inks, Drawing pens, Watercolors, Wax Crayons, Color Pencils.

Group A
8 pm via Zoom
Central European Time
Group B
4 pm via Zoom
Central European Time

Language: English

The course is designed for all levels.

If you have questions just send me an email:

About me
My name is Cristóbal Schmal.
I am an illustrator, artist, designer and passionate about drawing.
I believe that drawing is a form of expression that is worth discovering both to improve your relationship with representation and narrative and also as a means of observation. But I also see drawing as an emotional state where we can express our concerns, visions, desires and fears. A personal space of our own in which we feel free and confident.

I studied Graphic Design in Valparaiso (Chile) and then emigrated to Barcelona where I worked in Design and Advertising Agencies. In 2008 I moved to Berlin when I decided to take the leap to dedicate myself to Illustration. Since then I have worked for more than 15 years for different brands, institutions and media such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Taschen, Greenpeace, Financial Times, National Geographic among others.

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