Online Illustration Workshop
with Cristóbal Schmal

︎ Central European Time
︎ 4 Sessions
︎ Online / Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30 pm
120€ per person

TU 07.06
TU 14.06
TU 21.06
TU 05.07

Personal Cosmos
Exploring our memories, experiences and personal visions using drawing and cut paper collage as a creative engine.

The course is aimed at drawers, students, poets, illustrators, designers and artists of all levels.

In this course we will explore our memories and personal imagination as our unique source of endless creativity from an artistic approach. With practical exercises we will work on the emotional aspect of memory through free association of ideas, atmospheres, contexts and symbols. We will experiment with drawing and collage to work on the idea of scene, understanding it as a reciprocal dialogue between the elements and thus opening up spaces for new narratives.

We will work with exercises starting with spontaneous line drawing to move on to the form on cut paper collage, we will choose colours and textures to finish by connecting the elements for the final scene.

Course Objectives

︎ Sharpen emotional perception by connecting with memories and one's own imagination.

︎ Work on personal experiences as a form of creative release.

︎ Encourage the free association of ideas in search of new meanings and narratives.

︎ Develop the idea of scene (composition) as a means of reinterpretation and interaction between elements.

︎ Work on drawing as a vital impulse, from the sketch (line) to the cut paper (form).

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